Visiting the Garden


at the entrance
 2 Cacti
 3 Majorelle Blue
square fountain

 4 Berber Museum
 5 Museum bookshop

 6 Galerie Love
 7 Boutique Majorelle
 8 Café Majorelle
 9 Water lily pool
10 Palm Trees
11 Yves Saint Laurent
12 Bamboo
13 Pavilion

Garden and Museum:
wheel-chair accessible

The garden covers nearly two and a half acres. Collections of cacti, exotic plants and trees are landscaped to emphasize each one’s unique beauty. The paths allow us to see how the architectural style of the villa-studio, now transformed into a museum, is set off by vibrant colours dominated by its “Majorelle blue”. The pools, streams and fountains create a haven of serenity. The delicate sound of trickling water accompanies the song of the bulbul in the gardens and the chirping of numerous other bird species who have found their Eden here: blackbirds, house sparrows, robins, blue tits, great tits, warblers, grey wagtails and turtledoves.